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Broomfield Hospital Clinical Research Centre

Photograph Broomfield clinical research centre The only dedicated clinical research centre in Essex

Opened in 2011, the centre was the first of its kind in Essex, providing dedicated facilities for clinical research. Since opening it has supported over 150 studies and played a large role delivering Covid studies during the pandemic.

Able to support a range of studies from phase 2 onwards, the centre houses clinic rooms, a treatment bay with drug preparation area, and a lab for research sample processing and storage. It also benefits from 10 dedicated parking spaces exclusively for participant use.

The centre is staffed by GCP-trained research staff who are able to support visits from consent through to treatment administration and follow up.

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Clinic rooms

An icon representation of a stethoscope The centre contains four fully-equipped clinic rooms, two of which have a bed for full physical examination assessments or conducting supine ECGs.

Each have a computer desk, chairs, a sink, gloves and aprons. There is an additional non-clinical room with computers for support-staff working and data-entry. There is also a large reception area which can be used for PPIE focus groups, support groups, or training and promotional events.

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Treatment bay

An icon representation of a bottle of tablets and a foil sheet of tablets A bright and airy treatment bay with its own accessible entrance, it is laid out with five chairs and a bed, with room for more if required.

The bay includes resus trolley and oxygen for patient safety. Equipment includes ECG machine, vital signs monitors, infusion pumps and vein finder.

A connecting drug storage and preparation room contains two temperature-monitored drug fridges and secure drug cupboards, along with consumables required for drug preparation and administration.

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An icon of three test tubes in a stand The centre contains a laboratory space for processing and storage of research samples. Equipment includes three temperature controlled centrifuges, two freezers (at -80oC and -20 oC) and a fridge.

A range of biological samples can be processed here including blood, urine, saliva and faeces. Blood samples including PK and PD samples can be processed in a timely manner thanks to the number of centrifuges, and a separate room allows for urine sample analysis and safe disposal.

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A dedicated centre for research

A trained member of staff wearing an apron and smiling while standing next to a trolley of supplies Experienced staff

The centre is supported by experienced research delivery staff who work with investigators to ensure safe study delivery. A range of clinical trial assessments can be performed at the centre including

  • physical examination
  • vital signs measurement
  • ECG
  • mobility assessments
  • sample collection, processing and storage.

A bed with pillow and blankets next to a trolley of supplies and an oxygen cylinder

Treatment administration

Our research nurses are SACT and GCP trained, allowing them to administer IMP treatments including

  • oral
  • intravenous
  • intramuscular
  • subcutaneous

They can also perform any required monitoring post treatment and pharmacokinetic sampling.

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Patients, people, partners: Building better care in our future through research and innovation

Research banner next to reclining chairs, wheeled chair, stools and tables Finance

We offer competitive rental rates to support research delivery whilst ensuring an income stream to support staff development and capacity building.

For commercial studies, charges are in line with the national costings template set out by the NIHR.

Discounted rates are available for MSE partners conducting non-commercial studies on the NIHR portfolio.

Additional charges may apply to cover set up and administration costs, pharmacy costs,  consumables or for sample storage.


For further details please contact Tracey Camburn, lead Research Nurse

Telephone 01245 516599

Email tracey.camburn@nhs.net  

Follow us on X @MSEResearchTeam

Web https://www.mse.nhs.uk/research-innovation

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How we can support you

An icon of two interlinked cogs Supporting assets

As well as the physical research space and dedicated staff, we are supported by a number of other assets across our Trust.


An icon of a computer screen with mouse pointer Research repository

The repository is a single place to find all published research authored by staff and students whilst working at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust. The aim is to showcase research taking place within the Trust and build confidence with our patients and local population.

An icon showing hands linked together Research Engagement Network

Mid and South Essex Integrated Care System (MSE ICS) is working to create a Research Engagement Network (REN). The project aims to support under-represented communities to take part in research. It will also provide patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE) support to researchers with the aim of increasing diversity in research.

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