Our public board meetings

We are committed to conducting its business in public as a matter of good governance and accountability to patients and the public.

Trust papers will be published on this website no fewer than 3 working days ahead of each meeting. Hard copies will no longer be provided.

Should any member of the public have a question to be submitted to the Board, they may do so no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting by email to our Director of Corporate Affairs, Lauren MacIntyre at mse.board.committeepapers@nhs.net.  

Your question (but not your identity) will be formally recorded in the minutes.  You will be provided with a response during the meeting, which will also be minuted, or in exceptional cases in writing after the meeting.

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Public board meetings

  • Thursday 25 May, Basildon, between 10am and 3pm
  • Thursday 27 July, Basildon, between 10am and 3pm
  • Thursday 28 September, Basildon, between 10am and 3pm
  • Thursday 23 November, Basildon, between 10am and 3pm.


  • Thursday 25 January, Basildon, between 10am and 3pm
  • Thursday 28 March, Southend, between 10am and 3pm.

If you would like to join us, please contact mse.board.committeepapers@nhs.net for an invite and for more information.

Board papers

To find specific board meeting papers, navigate the media library below by choosing the year and then the month when the meeting was held. You will then see the files within that month's folder.

We only hold up to 5 years of papers, if you would like to see historical papers, email mse.board.committeepapers@nhs.net.