Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust Public Board Meetings

Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust is committed to conducting its business in public as a matter of good governance and accountability to patients and the public. Given the social distancing restrictions in place across the country since March 2020, all of our board meetings are being conducted through video-conferencing as it would not be practical to hold these meetings in public.  The papers will be published on this website in advance.

Should any member of the public have a question to be submitted to the Board, they may do so no later than 48 hours prior to the meeting by email to Andrew Stride, Company Secretary on a.stride@nhs.net .  Your question (but not your identity) will be formally recorded in the minutes.  You will be provided with a response during the meeting, which will also be minuted, or in exceptional cases in writing after the meeting.

As soon as we are able to resume board meetings in public, we will announce the new arrangements on this website.  If you would like to observe our video-conference board meetings, please contact Andrew Stride as above no later than 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  We will then send you a web-link to enable you to observe the meeting.


Thursday 8 July, 2pm to 5pm

Thursday 9 September, 2pm to 5pm

Thursday 11 November, 2pm to 5pm


Thursday 13 January, 2pm to 5pm

Thursday 10 March, 2pm to 5pm

Trust board papers - July 2021

00. MSE Trust Board Minutes (PUBLIC) 12th May 2021 [docx] 96KB

00. MSE Board Agenda [pdf] 181KB

00. Action Log[pdf] 409KB

05. Patient Story [pdf] 611KB

07. CEO Report [pdf] 237KB

08. MSE Buddy Network [pdf] 2MB

09. People and Organisational Development Committee Chair report to Board [pdf] 368KB

09. Workforce key item discussed at Committee board key points [pdf] 205KB

10. Audit Committee Chair Report to Board [pdf] 299KB

11. Elective Recovery [pdf] 645KB

11. Finance and Performance Committee Chair report to Board [pdf] 326KB

11i. Finance Board key points [pdf] 207KB

12. Quality Governance Committee Chair report to Board [pdf] 332KB

13. Charitable Funds Committee Chair report to Board [pdf] 365KB

14. Appendix 1 Board - Integrated Performance Report Summary [pdf] 323KB

14. Appendix 1 Board - Integrated Performance Report Summary [pdf] 323KB

14. Appendix 2 Board Integrated Performance Report [pdf] 2MB

14. Appendix 3 Board Integrated Performance Report May 21 Data [pdf] 4MB

15. Process for referring matters between committees [pdf] 342KB

16. Board Cover sheet MSE Anchor Programme [pdf] 340KB

16. Generation Medics MSE Anchor Programme highlights [pdf] 4MB

16. Anchor Institutions charter [pdf] 398KB

17. Trust Board Paper Birthrate Plus [pdf] 317KB

17ii. Appendix Two - Basildon Hospitals Birthrate Plus [pdf] 610KB

17iii. Appendix Three - Southend Birthrate Plus Report [pdf] 764KB

18. Freedom to Speak Up Cover Sheet [pdf] 338KB

18i.Guardian Service 2020-2021 Report Workforce Update [pdf] 727KB

19. Board cover page - People Strategy Development [pdf] 325KB

20. Board Committee EDI Strategy Document Cover [pdf] 86KB

21. Board Committee - Diversity Charter Document Cover [pdf] 315KB

21. EDI Charter [pdf] 504KB

22. Trade Union Report Cover [pdf] 316KB

22i. MSEPO-20XXX MSE Trade Union Partnership Agreement policy [pdf] 992KB


Trust board papers - April 2020


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