The Trust’s Chaplains are employed as specialists in all aspects of spiritual, religious and pastoral care of the whole hospital community; patients, staff, family and visitors.

They are an integral part of the healthcare team, providing spiritual, religious and pastoral care to patients, families, and staff of all faith backgrounds, and none, in the Trust’s hospitals and departments.

Chaplaincy services at Basildon Hospital

Level C, Basildon University Hospital,
Nethermayne, Basildon, Essex, SS16 5NL


Telephone: 01268 524900 ext 3503
The on-call Chaplain can be contacted via the Trust switchboard on 01268 524900, and ask them to bleep the on-call Chaplain.

Opening times:
Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm. 

Contacting a Chaplain

If there is an urgent need to see a Chaplain, (for example a patient is dying and either the patient or their family wishes prayers to be said), please ask a member of staff to contact the hospital switchboard who can page the on-call Chaplain.

If you would like to speak with a Chaplain, please ask the nurse to call 01268 524900 ext 3503. And ask them to leave your name, ward, and details of your faith background (if any). We will seek to find an appropriate Chaplain who can visit on the same day or the next day.

About the service

The Trust’s Chaplains are employed as specialists in all aspects of spiritual, religious and pastoral care of the whole hospital community; patients, staff, family and visitors.

The Trust’s Chaplains are an integral part of the healthcare team, providing spiritual, religious and pastoral care to patients, families, and staff of all faith backgrounds, and none, in the Trust’s hospitals and departments.

We offer support through all stages of life regardless of faith or belief
Providing support to patients, carers and staff and providing pastoral or religious care at any major life event.

We offer a confidential listening ear to patients and family
Providing emotional support during your hospital stay.
Providing opportunities to discuss matters of life, death and illness, belief and faith

We offer support with your religious tradition and rites
Providing Christian sacraments, prayers, and scriptures.
Facilitating religious support for other major world faiths.
Providing support to staff in meeting religious needs and giving multi-cultural care.

We offer support to staff
Providing confidential listening and support.
Sharing in multi-disciplinary care of patients and their relatives.
Assisting with Continuing Professional Development in the areas of spiritual healthcare and end of life care.

The Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team consists of Chaplains and Chaplaincy volunteers from a variety of Christian denominations, and other faith groups.

We also have links with the wider community outside the hospital, and our Honorary Chaplains from the major world faiths can contacted through the Chaplaincy Office (01268 524900 ext 3503),

All members of the Chaplaincy Team subscribe to the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the College of Healthcare Chaplains and the Team Chaplains are registered with the United Kingdom Board Of Healthcare Chaplains UKBHC, and are bound by their code of practice.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary offers a place of peace and quiet for prayer and reflection. People of all faiths and none are welcome to make use of the Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary can be found on the left at the top of the steps that lead off Main Reception and up to The Restaurant.

Within the concealed cupboards along the left hand side of the room, there are various materials and facilities available to patients, relatives and staff including: ablution facilities, prayer mats, and copies of the Qur'an.

Other faith texts and items such as rosaries are available from the Chaplaincy office.

We do ask that mobile phone conversations do not take place in The Sanctuary, and that food is not consumed there.

Opening times
The Sanctuary is open for quiet prayer and reflection at all times, and is also the place where the following groups meet:

Staff Mindfulness Group: Monday, 1.30-2pm

Christian Prayers: Tuesday, 12-12.30pm

Muslim Prayers: Friday, 1-2pm
There are no Sunday services in The Sanctuary, but Holy Communion (Roman Catholic, Church of England and Free Church) or prayers are brought to the bedside by the Chaplains or by Eucharistic Ministers on a Sunday. Requests for Sunday bedside communion, or for communion at any other time, can be left on 01268 524900 ext 3503.

Chaplaincy services at Broomfield Hospital

Contacting Chaplaincy

Telephone: 01245 515244 (24hr answerphone)


Spiritual Care & Chaplaincy
Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust Broomfield Hospital
Court Road
Essex CM1 7ET

Chaplains are available 24/7

Chaplaincy - supporting you

Coming into hospital can be an anxious time for all of us; placing us in an unfamiliar setting away from all we know and are familiar with.  Having someone to talk to about our concerns can be helpful.

The chaplaincy team

The chaplains at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust are here to provide spiritual and religious care to patients, their relatives and the staff; and are also available out of hours 24 hours a day Seven Days a week.

The Faith Centre (A209) 

The Faith Centre is a quiet space for all to use for reflection, prayer, to come for help & support, or just for a few moments peace.  The Faith Centre is also a venue for religious prayers and services throughout the year.

Supporting all faiths and beliefs 

We recognise that patients, their families and our staff come from rich and diverse backgrounds and we seek to support the needs of all with bedside prayer or other ritual support and/or resources.

Remembering those we love

There are a variety of ways in which we can support you in remembering loved ones who have died in hospital including the parents of babies or children who have died.

If you have just suffered a Bereavement 
you will find the following practical support helpful.

Supporting staff

The Chaplains are here to support the whole hospital community; including its staff and volunteers.  This support can be to help in spiritual care for patients or might be for your own needs.  


There are some great opportunities available across the hospital and chaplaincy offers some very special ways for you to volunteer.

Supporting All Faiths and Beliefs

The chaplaincy team will do all they can to ensure your religious needs are met whilst in hospital.

Christian resources

Gideon new testaments are available on all inpatient wards and other prayer and worship resources can also be loaned.


This is available on Sundays at the bedside on request; both for Roman Catholic patients and for other denominations. 

Communion can also be made available during the week. 

Islamic Resources

Copies of the Quran, along with prayer mats and shawls can be made available for the wards on request.

Jewish Resources 

Supplies to support patients or relatives celebrating a Shabbat meal on Friday evenings are available on request from the Faith Centre.

Other Resources

The chaplaincy team also keeps a stock of prayer books and scriptures from other faiths which can be provided on request.

Faith leader visits

The chaplaincy team is happy to facilitate visits from local faith group leaders.  Please do get in touch if this is required.

Prayers and Services in the Faith Centre

Christian Prayer & Worship

Monday to Friday
9.15am - Prayer
12pm - Prayer  

Tuesday and Wednesday
12pm - Communion

Friday (once per month) RC Mass - 12.15pm

When appropriate, transport can be made available to assist patients to attend the midday services.

Islamic Prayer

1.15pm - Jumm’ah Prayer
(separate facilities are provided for women’s prayer at this time).

The Faith Centre (A209)

Finding the Faith Centre

The Faith Centre is found by proceeding from the Main Reception to the end of the ‘Atrium’ where lifts or stairs can be taken to the second floor. The Faith Centre is then on the right as you leave the lift or stairs. 

Built in 2010, the Faith Centre is both a spiritual space and administrative centre for chaplaincy at Mid Essex. 

The stained glass windows were designed by Sasha Ward to echo the architecture of the new building and along with the remaining space provide a restful and quiet setting for all to come aside and use 24 hours a day all year round. 

There is a separate quiet space just outside the Faith Room as well as offices for the chaplaincy team.

Islamic Prayer 

Other resources in the Faith Centre

Remembrance books and a prayer tree can be found just outside the Faith Room along with small candles that can be lit to remember those we love.

There is an ablutions room to prepare for Islamic or other prayer; along with prayer mats and other resources.  The Qu’bla direction is indicated in the ceiling of the Faith Room.

We also keep a variety of prayer books and other texts for use by those in the Faith Centre.

Support for all faiths and beliefs

Details of prayer and other services held in the Faith Centre can be found here.

Remembering Those We Love

Remembrance books

We keep remembrance books both for adults and for those who’s babies have died.

Baby memorial service

A Service of Love to remember babies and children who have died is held twice a year in April and October. You may also wish to contact the bereavement midwife for further support.

Prayer requests

Requests for prayer for those in hospital can be given to the chaplains or written in our prayer book in the Faith Centre (A209). These prayers are brought at midday every weekday. 

Prayer tree

There is a prayer tree in the Faith Centre and leaves are provided for you to record your message of love and remembrance.

Remembrance service

Each year on the Friday nearest Remembrance Sunday, a service is held at 10.55am in the atrium to remember those who have died in conflict.

Supporting Staff

The spiritual care of patients and their families is a whole staff team responsibility and all staff are encouraged to call on the support of the chaplaincy team when need arises. This might include:

A patient or their family has received bad news

A family wishes to bless their new baby

A patient requests religious support at the end of life

A patient may wish to request an emergency marriage service at the end of life.

And many more examples

Personal staff support

There can be times when our personal circumstances, or challenges with our work, mean that we can become anxious.

A confidential listening ear that is outside the situation can often be helpful.

The chaplaincy team can also provide support for bereavement both when this is a family member or colleague and we have experience of arranging both religious and non-religious memorial services.

Don’t forget that help for staff might also be sought from the 
Occupational Health Team and/or Psychotherapy Team Counsellors

Chaplaincy services at Southend Hospital

The chaplaincy department provides for pastoral, spiritual and religious needs and supports staff, patients, relatives, friends and visitors of all faiths and none.

For patients, visitors and staff

The department consists of Church of England, Roman Catholic, Free Church Clergy and lay volunteers in addition to a Jewish chaplain.  Our team work together across the denominations.  We do not try to 'convert' people or to push our viewpoints - we are simply here to help, talk, comfort and give support to anyone of any faith or none.

We visit the wards regularly and try to visit every ward in the hospital at least once a week; you may see one of us during your stay.  If we miss you on our visits we may leave a small green visiting card  If you would like to talk to a chaplain, please ask the ward sister or a nurse to contact the chaplaincy team.  If you have a particular religious background or church tradition it would be helpful if you could make this known to the ward staff so that they can contact the relevant chaplain.

We are available to talk or just listen to your hopes and fears, joys and concerns, and will support you confidentially in whatever way is appropriate.

On the second floor of the hospital is a beautiful chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved.  The chapel is open for private prayer and meditation, and services are regularly held there.  In addition to the chapel there is also a prayer room for those of different faiths, together with washing facilities. Muslim Friday prayers are regularly held here. At Britannia House the HR Meeting Room is set aside as a Prayer Room most lunchtimes. Please ask for details.

In the Chaplaincy Suite we have a number of faith resources which are available for patients and staff to borrow.  These include copies of the Bible, Christian prayer books, the Hebrew Bible, the holy Quran and major texts of other religions.  If you wish to borow any of the resources, please contact the Chaplaincy Office.

For visiting clergy

We are always pleased to welcome patients' own clergy to the hospital and to contact clergy of other faiths if requested by patients.

Under normal circumstances, sacraments are administered by the hospital chaplains and those who are duly authorised within the chaplaincy team.

We are always pleased to hear from parish clergy when members of their congregation are in hospital and to futher good relations, mutual respect and cooperation across denominational and religious boundaries.

In addition to the services detailed on the chaplaincy notice boards, a baby memorial service is held on the third Sunday of every month for anyone who has lost a baby.  It is a quiet service with an opportunity to light a candle for the child.

Availability and contact

We are always available, 24 hours a day, every day of the year for emergency Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, Sacrament of the Sick and for pastoral care.

All enquiries to

The Chaplain's Office
2nd Floor
Cardigan Building
Southend Hospital

Telephone 01702 435555 ext 6453 (answerphone) or contact through the switchboard who will page the relevant chaplain.


Evening prayer on Sunday at 16.00 and Holy Communion on Thursday at 09.15 in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, 2nd floor, cardigan building These services are non-denominational and all are welcome to attend.

The Holy Eucharist (Church of England) Mondays and Days of Obligation 09.15.

Holy Communion is regularly given to patients at their bedside.  Please ask ward staff to notify the chaplain on ext 6453 if required.

Baby memorial service on the third Sunday in the month at 15.00.

The chapel is open daily for private prayer and meditation outside of service times.