About us

As a fully established, merged organisation, we’ve worked with you, our staff, to understand what it means to be part of Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust. Our strategic goals clearly set out our purpose and ambitions, and our new values and behaviours show how we will work together, with each other, our patients and our stakeholders, to achieve our aims.

Our strategy

Our organisational strategy is made up of one vision, three 3-year goals and five-strategic objectives for 2023-24.

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Our three-year goals

High quality local services - Build local services that are high quality and integrated.

Equitable access - Driving equity as our priority, including in specialist services, taking advantage of digital.

Opportunities for our staff - Invest in becoming an employer where everyone has an opportunity to grow, innovate and improve.

Our strategic objectives

Strategic objective one: We will put the patient first at MSEFT; caring for patients and valuing our people, our care is delivered by skilled and empowered staff.

Strategic objective two: We will plan and provide enough of the right capacity to treat all our patients – both physical and virtual, working with our system to do so.

Strategic objective three: We will design and implement the best model of care for patients receiving medical care in our hospitals, across professions, and by developing new roles.

Strategic objective four: We will develop a quality learning system using evidence to improve safety and increase visibility, equity and effectiveness of care.

Strategic objective five: Improving value in all we do and maximising the opportunity of digital.

Our culture and values

Our values are excellent, compassionate and respectful.

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We go all-out for excellence and put delivering exceptional care at the heart of everything we do.

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  • I regularly review what I do and how I do it to improve my personal performance
  • I find opportunities to take positive action to improve and innovate
  • I prioritise working with others on shared goals
  • I learn from others and openly share my own knowledge and experience
  • I seek out and act upon feedback from colleagues, patients and visitors
  • I make sure I have clear objectives, that are linked to the goals of my team and the Trust, and that support excellence in my role
  • I communicate in an open, accurate and straightforward way
  • I involve others with decision making that directly impacts them, whether a patient or colleagues


We act with care and compassion toward ourselves, patients, colleagues and our communities.


Compassionate icon of two people standing side by side

  • I take time to listen
  • I act with kindness towards myself and others I show commitment to working with and supporting others as part of a team
  • I bring a positive attitude to my working day and ask for support when I am not feeling at my best
  • I build relationships of trust with colleagues and patients
  • I take personal responsibility for my role in delivering compassionate care
  • I consider the impact of my actions and words on other people’s well-being before acting
  • I celebrate the successes we achieve together – and build positivity by encouraging others


We appreciate the value of each other and nurture positive relationships. We ensure all voices are heard and respected.

Values icon - respectful

  • I take the time to get to know people and the value they bring (regardless of race, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, caring responsibilities, religion or belief.)
  • I protect the dignity of others and respect their interests and perspectives
  • I adapt my approach according to the individual and situation I am facing
  • I take part as an active member of a team and make an effort to understand the different perspectives within our teams
  • I speak up and take action when I see a lack of inclusion
  • I do what I say I will and communicate openly about challenges
  • I role model dealing with challenging behaviours respectfully
  • I help create a safe environment for others to speak up