Our commitment to providing an accessible website

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to ensuring that this website is usable and accessible to everyone who visits it, regardless of the technology you are using, your level of capability or any disability you may have.

Outline of key guidelines and features

Our website was designed to meet W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, Level AA.

Some of the changes we made when redesigning this site include

  • Using relative font sizes to enable you to change the size of the text on the page
  • Making sure that links are written so that they make sense when read out of context
  • Making sure that all images on the site have alternative text (alt-text) that describes the image

We have also added a breadcrumb navigation trail to each page so that you can see where you are in the site.

Each page on the site contains a search box and text resizing options.

Technology used and browser compatibility

Our website uses valid HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) meaning that it will display in all modern browsers.  Because we use CSS, the site will display in older browsers but it might look slightly different.  Even if your browser doesn't support CSS you will still be able to read all the information and navigate through the site.  CSS also means that our site will continue to display well as newer browser versions are released in the future.


All documents in this site are Adobe Acrobat PDF.  You can download Acrobat reader by visiting the Adobe Reader download page

Changing your browser settings to make browsing easier

You can change the text size, screen colour and lots of other settings on your browser and computer to make your browsing experience more comfortable.  Our website supports these preferences because it uses CSS.  To find out more about changing your browser settings, please visit the BBC's My Web My Way website.

Contact info

If you have any comments about our website, please let us know.