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Dementia friendly wall-art helps create calming space for patients

dementia wards update Broomfield 2022

Patients with dementia in Broomfield Hospital can feel more relaxed during their stay thanks to new colourful wall-art.

The artwork, in the care of the elderly wards, includes images and signage carefully designed with primary colours, which has been shown to support patients with dementia by helping reduce their confusion and stress.

There are also photographs of local Essex landscapes, all taken by hospital staff, who entered a photography competition earlier this year.

Chelsie Hearn, Dementia and Delirium Nurse, said: “Coming to hospital can be disorientating for anyone, let alone people living with dementia, and the photographs have really helped patients feel connected with the outside world and sparks conversation about places they’ve visited before.

“The visual stimulation is so beneficial for patients’ progression, and we can already see the huge improvements it has had on their wellbeing. We’ve had many positive comments from patients and visitors about how the ward feels relaxing and less clinical.

“We hope to replicate this work in other areas across Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust.”

The project was funded by the Mid and South Essex Hospitals Charity dementia fund, following a generous donation from the former Mayor of Chelmsford, Yvonne Spence and Deputy Mayor, Christine Garrett, who chose to support dementia projects at Broomfield Hospital during their term in office.  

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