Maternity services

Congratulations on your pregnancy, make sure you book into the maternity service as soon as possible. 

Our hospitals deliver thousands of babies every year modern, well-equipped maternity units.

Our staff are committed to providing high quality maternity care for women and their families during pregnancy, labour and after the birth of their baby.

We support women to have a choice of birthplace, as this has been shown to have a positive effect on the birth experience.  The choice of a home birth or birth in our midwife led birth unit will routinely be offered to women with a straight forward pregnancy (no known complications that may affect pregnancy and the birth).

If your pregnancy is not straightforward, it is recommended that, to meet your individual needs you have your baby in our delivery suite. Our maternity services support care both in the community and the hospital.

Maternity Direct

The logo for the Maternity Direct online app Visit to chat with your midwife and to manage your pregnancy care.

Maternity announcement

From 17 November, Southend Hospital maternity unit is introducing a new electronic system for clinical records that will improve the way we care for you. Please bear with the team while they are getting up to speed as things might take a little longer than usual. Thank you.