Delivering Maternity @MSE

As one of the largest Trusts in the country, we understand the importance of high-quality care. Our midwifery team delivers 12,000 births every year and play an important part in shaping the lives of women, babies and their families.

We are sharing stories from our midwives to show you what a career in maternity has to offer.

Our maternity team have a lot to be proud of

  • An award-winning maternity bereavement team
  • A number of our midwives have been awarded the CMO Silver Award, which are awarded for major contributions to patients and the profession
  • Winning the Management Award 2019 at the London Maternity and Midwifery Festival for our preceptorship programme
  • A supportive occupational health and wellbeing team

If you want an employer who can help you to develop your career within well-equipped and modern midwifery units, and offer ongoing support and guidance, apply now!

Preceptorship Programme

Welcome to the Basildon Preceptorship Programme.

To make sure that you have the best possible start, this bespoke preceptorship programme has been developed based on the NMC Principles of Preceptorship (2020) and Health Education Englands’ Capital Midwife Skills Passport (2019).

The main aim of preceptorship is to welcome and integrate newly qualified midwives into the team and place of work. It assists with the transition from student to midwife; helping individuals ‘translate their knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and understand how to apply the Code in their day-to-day work’ (NMC, 2020). It is not a means of retesting or revisiting the skills and competencies that were required for NMC registration but instead the programme is designed to harness the ability to self-identify continuing professional development (CPD) needs and start practitioners on a journey of reflective professional practice.

The programme is 12-18 months and tailored to the needs of each preceptee.

In accordance with the RCM recommendations (RCM, 2017), the programme includes the following:

  • A period of orientation to the maternity service and its values, objectives, policies, and procedures
  • A formal individualised learning agreement to allow the line manager, preceptor and preceptee to understand their roles and responsibilities in the process and provide an audit and evaluation of the preceptorship period
  • Protected supernumerary time to allow orientation into all care settings in which midwives provide care
  • Protected learning time to develop skills/competencies; and become familiar with unit policies and procedures, including multidisciplinary skills and drills training relating to emergency/urgent and complex care situations.

Protected time with the Preceptor and or Preceptorship Lead to reflect on practice and receive constructive feedback on preceptorship programme requirements.

During your Preceptorship Programme you will be allocated a Preceptor; an experienced Midwife who will be responsible for providing guidance and support to you throughout the programme.

You are required to meet with them at regular intervals to reflect on your experiences, and develop action plans to aid your professional development.

If you have any comments or questions about your preceptorship programme please contact the Preceptorship Lead, Lesley Yerlett or a member of the Practice Development Team at