Clinical Teaching Fellows (CTFs)

If you are a doctor or teaching fellow and are interested in teaching with us, we have opportunities for you to become part of our Trust.

The role of our CTFs

The role of Clinical Training Fellows (CTFs) involves a 12-month contract, with six months dedicated to medical education, with remaining six months spent working in a hospital-based medical or surgical specialty.

During your time in medical education, you will play a crucial role in teaching, supervising, and assessing medical students across various medical domains. Your day-to-day responsibilities may include planning and delivering undergraduate teaching sessions, organising timetables for different student years, helping in the preparation and implementation of undergraduate exams (such as OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) or CPSA (Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment), offering support to students facing challenges, and attending operational meetings related to undergraduate activities.

The position provides opportunities for self-development where you will be actively encouraged to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in medical education.

You’ll receive support to undertake audits and research, particularly in the field of education and will work collaboratively to develop Trust-wide offerings.

You will also have dedicated time to focus on projects and exams, attend study days, and are given the chance to present your research at national conferences. You can also enhance and practice your teaching skills, including the development of your educational projects.

Testimonial from one of our CTFs

I am proud to be part of the medical education team this academic year.

My role overseeing university medical students is incredibly rewarding, with a particular focus on my passion for teaching. What makes this experience exceptional is the unwavering support from our lead. Their commitment to fostering a supportive environment for professional development is truly commendable.

The Trust stands out not only for its dedication to medical education but also for prioritising the growth of its team members. My supervisor ensures a balance between teaching responsibilities and ample opportunities for personal and professional development. This approach has not only honed my teaching skills but has also significantly contributed to my overall career advancement. I am grateful for the collaborative culture and look forward to continuing my journey of growth and contribution in this esteemed institution.

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If you are interested in becoming a Clinical Teaching Fellow with us, please get in contact with the site you would like to be based at, below: