Anchor programme

Our innovative programme called ‘Anchor’ shows how local hospitals can make their neighbourhoods healthier, happier and greener. We all do excellent work in providing healthcare and services every day, but there is even more we can do to support our communities in Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford.

Graphic diagram of the elements within the programme The Anchor Programme is about large organisations investing back into their communities and is a concept fully supported and endorsed by NHS England and the  Health Foundation. As one of the largest employers in the region, this ambitious new programme will enable us to understand better how our Trust can be a force for good by using our assets and influence to bring about change.

By teaming up with health and care partners, local councils and the voluntary and education sector, we can reduce our environmental impact and create exciting and innovative employment, volunteering, internship and network opportunities for those we serve.

The Mid and South Essex Anchor Programme methodology uses, and helped to develop, the How Strong is Your Anchor Framework that identifies its indicators and outcomes and supports improvement, rather than adopting a prescriptive approach.

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You can find out about current and future projects and the effect the programme has had on our Trust, our partners and the community by reading our reports on the Publications and report  page.

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