About our hospitals - Southend University Hospital

Whether you are coming for an outpatient appointment or need to stay in hospital, here is some information to help you to prepare.

Southend Hospital Ward Information

If you'd like to give feedback on how our new switchboard system worked for you or report a problem you encountered, please email mse.southend.telephonists@nhs.net.
Emergency Department
Ground floor
Call 01702 385469
A&E Children
Paediatric Emergency Department
Ground floor, Emergency Department
Call 01702 387099
Acute Medical Unit (AMU)
Floor 2, Cherry Tree Wing (via Prittlewell)
Call 01702 384535 or 01702 384536
Acute Medical Service / Edmund Stone ward
Floor 2, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 386820 or 01702 387717

Balmoral ward
Medicine for the Elderly
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385485

Bedwell ward
Infusion Unit and GP Streaming
Ground floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385414

Benfleet ward
Acute Stroke Unit
Ground floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385471

Blenheim ward
Renal - General Medical
Floor 3, Tower Block
Call 01702 385549

Cardiac and Medical Day Stay (CMDS)
Ground floor, Hillborough Building
Call 01702 385525
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) / Sita Lumsden ward
Floor 2, Tower Block
Call 01702 385553

Castlepoint ward
MSK and Elective
Floor 8, Tower Block
Call 01702 385552

Central Delivery Suite (CDS)
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385163

Community Midwifery Service
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 384250

Chalkwell ward
Medicine for the Elderly
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385044

Critical Care ward
Critical Care
Floor 1, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 385526 (bay one) or 01702 385554 (bay two)

Day Assessment Unit (DAU)
Older Persons Ambulatory Service
Ground Floor, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 385860 or 01702 386861

Day Surgery Unit
Surgical Specialties
Ground Floor, Hillborough Building
Call 01702 385053

Discharge Lounge
Ground Floor, Prittlewell Building (via Cherry Tree wing)
Call 01702 386261 or 01702 387262
Dowsett ward
Same Day Emergency Care
Ground floor, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 385295

Eastwood ward
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385077
Eleanor Hobbs ward
Gastro and General Medical
Floor 5, Tower Block
Call 01702 385384

Elective Admissions Lounge (EAL)
Floor 1, Tower Block
Call 01702 385126 or 01702 385127
Elizabeth Loury ward
Oncology, Haematology
Ground Floor, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 386255

Endoscopy Unit
Mz, Tower Block
Call 01702 385096

Estuary ward
Oncology, Haematology, Palliative Care
Ground Floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385472

Eye ward
Eye unit
Call 01702 386523

Eye Theatre
Eye unit
Call 01702 386524

Fetal Medicine Unit
Floor 2, Cardigan Building (B1)
Call 01702 385693

Gordon Hopkins ward
Floor 2, Tower Block
Call 01702 385553

Hockley ward
Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385438
J Alfred Lee ward
Floor 1, Hillborough Building
Call 01702 386357 or 01702 388205

High Dependency Unit (HDU)
Floor 1, Prittlewell Building (via Kitty Hubbard)
Call 01702 388928
Infusion Unit
Call 01702 385414
Kitty Hubbard
High Dependency Unit (HDU)
Floor 1, Prittlewell Building
Call 01702 388926

Margaret Broom 1
Antenatal - Maternity
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385486 or 01702 385301

Margaret Broom 2
Postnatal - Maternity
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385130

Midwife-led birthing unit
Floor 2, Cardigan building
Call 01702 385261

Neonatal Unit
Neonatal Intensive Care - Maternity
Floor 2, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385186

Neptune ward
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385180 or 01702 385181

Oncology and Haematology Outpatients
Ground Floor, Cardigan Building, (via Estuary ward)
Call 01702 385472

Paediatric Assessment Unit
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 386949

Paglesham ward
Stroke Rehab Unit
Ground Floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385187

Princess Anne ward
Floor 9, Tower Block
Call 01702 385370

Renal dialysis
Renal unit
Carlingford Centre, Rear of Hospital
Call 01702 385143

Rochford ward
Respiratory, ARCU
Ground Floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385474
Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)
Floor 1, Prittlewell Building (via Cherry Tree wing)
Call 01702 385123

Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) and Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) 
Emergency care
Ground Floor, Prittlewell Building (via Dowsett Ward)
Call 01702 387292 or 01702 386917

Shopland ward
Floor 7, Tower Block
Call 01702 385375

Southbourne ward
Acute Services
Floor 4, Tower Block
Call 01702 385078

Stambridge ward
Diabetes and Endocrine, Infectious Diseases - General Medical
Floor 1, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385477

Westcliff ward
Ground Floor, Cardigan Building
Call 01702 385274

Windsor ward
Surgery with Trauma flex
Floor 6, Tower Block
Call 01702 385380

Planning your journey

We provide a variety of services at our main hospital site on Prittlewell Chase and at a number of satellite clinics across Essex. Car parking charges apply when parking at the hospital. Please consider using public transport to travel to your appointments if possible.

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Prittlewell Chase, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 0RY

Telephone number: 01702 435555

See location map (opens in a new window)

We have services at the following locations.  Click the name of the location to view Google Maps in a new window - please note that the markers shown on the map indicate the centre of the range of the postcode and may not mark the exact location of the service.

Site map PDFs

Ground Floor map (Southend Hospital)

First Floor map (Southend Hospital)

Second Floor map (Southend Hospital)

Site map image files

To zoom in, click on the images below:

Full site map

Southend Hospital full site map JPG image

Ground floor map

Southend Hospital ground floor map JPG image

First floor map

Southend Hospital first floor map JPG image

Second floor map

Southend Hospital second floor map JPG image

Tyrells Health Centre

39 Seamore Road, Benfleet, Essex, SS7 4EX. See location map (opens in a new window) Tel: 01702 385533

Canvey Outpatients Clinic

Long Road, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 0JA. See location map (opens in a new window). Tel: 01702 385111

Located between the fire station and the police station, on the opposite side of the road.

Lighthouse Child Development Centre

Snakes Lane, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6XT. See location map (opens in a new window) Tel: 01702 508180.

Orsett Hospital

Rowley Road, Orsett, Essex, RM16 3EU. See location map (opens in a new window) Tel: 01268 524900.

Britannia Business Park

Unit 12 & 13, Comet Way, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 6GE. See location map (opens in a new window) Tel: 01702 508000


Buses run frequently throughout the day.

Travelling by rail and bus

Rail companies C2C and Greater Anglia operate frequent trains to Southend Central station where a bus can be caught direct to Southend Hospital. Ask for a plus bus ticket before travelling. This will include both your bus and train fares and save you time on your journey.

Need travel support?

If you need help with the cost of travelling to and from our hospitals or anywhere that offers healthcare, visit the NHS healthcare travel cost scheme website

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Our multi-storey car park provides 600 spaces in addition to spaces in car parks around the hospital. The majority of staff who have been issued parking permits use the multi-storey car park, so during working hours car parks A, D, E (outside A&E) and F and spaces surrounding the hospital are reserved solely for patients and visitors.

To increase parking spaces, we would always ask you to take alternatives to the car if you can, or to use our free drop off/collection bays or short stay bays in order to keep the spaces available to those who most need them. 

We have a number of blue bays for current blue badge holders that are located by all main entrances and are subject to the parking charges detailed below.

Car parking fees

All patient/visitor parking, with the exception of the car park at A&E, is now 'pay on foot'. Entry is via a ticket from the machines at the new barrier entrances; payment is made when you leave the hospital building at one of several pay stations located around the hospital.  

30 minutes to Free
Up to 3 hours is £3.10
3 to 6 hours is £4
6 to 12 hours is  £6
Over 12 hours and up to 24 hours is £10
7 day concession is £10

Everyone parking in a space within the hospital car park is required to pay parking charges for stays exceeding 30 minutes. If your stay is less than 30 minutes please proceed straight to the exit barrier - there's no need to validate your ticket at a pay machine. 

Concessions apply for certain patients including those receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, extensive rehabilitation and treatment for DVT. Please ask the department you are visiting for details. Concession tickets are available from general office.

Any lost tickets will be charged at the full daily rate.

Helping out with travel costs

If you are on any of the following benefits, we can help you with your travel expenses to and from the hospital for your appointments:

  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit
  • Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • HC2 or HC3 (part payment) form

You can also get help if you are attending a sexual health clinic over 15 miles (24km) from home.

NHS Medical Exemption cards are only for free prescriptions these cards are not valid for payment of travel costs.

To reclaim your travel expenses you must produce a letter from the benefits office dated within the last year stating that you are in receipt of benefit, we can also accept a valid tax credit card. Please bring with you your appointment letter/clinic card, as we need to verify the attendance and we may not be able to make payments without this.

What am I entitled to claim back?

Private mileage and car parking

This is calculated by using the AA route master. We use the hospital's postcode and the home postcode that you are registered with. You will receive 15p a mile. If you can produce a car parking ticket we will reimburse £3.10 for your parking. If you are more than three hours, we can pay for your parking by receiving a receipt that is obtainable from the car park pay machine when you pay for your parking.

Bus and Train tickets

We will reimburse you for your bus and/or train fare if you present your tickets. We can only pay for the patient who has the appointment.


We don't pay for Taxi travel unless you have a letter from your GP stating that you cannot travel by public transport.

How do I claim?

Please claim on the day at the Customer Services between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday - remember to bring your tickets and your appointment card plus proof of entitlement. Any backdated claims for up to three months can be claimed by filling out a HC5 form and posted with any receipts/tickets to the address given on the form.

Things to remember

We are unable to reimburse travel for A&E visits and blood tests.

If you have not bought with you your proof of benefits or appointment, will not be able to pay any money out. However, you can complete an HC5 form (as above).

If you need someone to attend your appointment with you for medical purposes you will need to get an escort form signed by a consultant or senior nurse. Unfortunately without this we cannot pay for anyone else's travel.

Visiting an inpatient

You cannot claim help with travel costs if you are visiting someone. However, visitors in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits may be able to receive help in the form of a social Fund payment. More information about this can be found from Jobcentre Plus.

Patient Transport

You may be entitled to patient transport phone 0300 0134 997 to find out if you are eligible.