Research and Development (R&D)

Our mission is simple, to provide easy to access, high quality research opportunities to the patients and public who use our health services. We believe that all patients have the right to take part in clinical research, and that involvement in high-quality research should be a care option available to all our patients. Our Trust has a proud and growing reputation as a centre of research excellence and boasts the only dedicated clinical research centre in Essex; the ‘Helen Rollason Research Centre’ based at Broomfield Hospital.

We deliver cutting edge research which shapes new models of healthcare to improve patient safety and care, and we conduct research into a variety of health conditions ranging from asthma to renal problems. Our research can be investigating the use of the latest medicines and medical devices, or looking at the prevention of health problems by collecting questionnaires or blood samples.

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Research achievements 2020/21

268 publications in peer reviewed journals in 2020


  • Five research fellows
  • Opened studies in mesothelioma and ophthalmology at Broomfield, and gynaecology and gastroenterology at Southend (new areas)
  • Four junior doctors registered for the NIHR Associate PI Scheme
  • 268 publications in peer reviewed journals in 2020


  • 9,386 participants recruited to high quality research
  • 76 active studies covering 23 disease areas
  • Fourth highest recruiter in NT


  • 8,563 participants recruited to COVID-19 research
  • Top recruiters in NT for the COVID-19 Recovery trial, with Basildon 3rd highest in UK
  • Top recruiters in NT for COVID-19 Siren study

Enhancing patient and staff experience through research

8,563 participants recruited to COVID-19 research in 2020/21


  • 71% studies opened within 40 days
  • Median days to first non-commercial patient recruited = 34 days (target 62) and 91 for commercial (target 80)
  • Standard Operating Procedures under review. Research Management Policy and Research Centre Operational Policy published

Patient involvement

  • Patient Research Ambassador
  • 98% patients reported being treated with curtesy and respect by research staff 
  • 97% patients reported they would consider taking part in research again


  • Received £940,396 commercial income
  • Attracted £129k COVID-19 research income
  • Maintained NIHR income for key delivery staff

PII (Performance in Initiating) and PID (Performance in Delivering) data

Our hospitals' research and development performance - PII (Performance in Initiating) and PID (Performance in Delivering) data can be accessed by using the links below:

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