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Volunteer group raise thousands of pounds for oxygen supply device

Volunteer group raise thousands of pounds for oxygen supply device

Patients are reaping the benefits of new oxygen supply devices, thanks to the generous donation from a local voluntary group.

The Critical Care Outreach team at Basildon Hospital have received three Oxygen Venturi Airvo devices that are being used for patients needing extra warmed and humidified oxygen for respiratory support.

Buying them was only made possible thanks to the League of Friends voluntary group that run a tea bar at Basildon Hospital. They raised an amazing £9,000.

Claire Tillett, Lead Nurse for the Critical Care Outreach team, said: “We are so very grateful to the League of Friends for their generosity in funding the new machines.

“We know from the existing systems that an adjustable flow of moistened oxygen brings almost immediate results in reducing distress to a wide range of patients. Patients including those experiencing breathlessness due to pneumonia and other conditions where damage has been caused to the lungs, and patients with tracheostomies will benefit enormously.“

League of Friends Chairman Alan Ursell said: “We are always so pleased to be able to support Basildon Hospital with funding for equipment which benefits patients and staff.

“I know from the team’s demonstration that patients will benefit so much from these devices; providing them with the treatment and comfort that they need.”

The group was formed over 50 years ago and is run entirely by a dedicated group of volunteers who have so far raised an impressive £1.6 million and helped the hospital to buy life-saving equipment.

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