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Physiotherapy guitarist strikes the right chord for patients

John Edwards and his guitar

One man and his guitar is helping stroke and medical patients at Basildon Hospital, through his weekly musical therapy sessions.

John Edwards is a Therapy Assistant on a musical mission to use his skills not just to entertain, but as part of a patient’s recovery.

Research has shown that listening to music for just a couple of hours a day can help patients recover from brain damage and improve mental functioning.

John, who has worked at Basildon Hospital for 27 years, said: “It’s nice to play patient requests for music they want to hear, and it’s great to see them relaxing and humming along to some of the tunes.

“It brings a smile to their faces, hopefully aids their recovery and helps entertain them whilst they are in hospital.”

John has been delivering his music therapy since 2019, which has just returned to wards after the sessions were interrupted by Covid.

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