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Patients helped to relax by sounds and lights of new sensory machine

Sensory Station

Anxious X-ray patients are being helped to relax thanks to a new machine that uses lights, soothing sounds, and distraction techniques.

The portable sensory machine at Southend Hospital is being used by young patients with autism and elderly patients who may have dementia, and has been making a real difference in keeping them calm so radiographers can get the perfect x-ray.

Claire Shoesmith, senior radiographer, said: “It’s already making such a difference for patients. Before, if people were anxious, we would have to take time to calm them down.

“Now, with this wonderful machine with all its lights and bubbling sounds, the atmosphere in the radiology room is instantly relaxing and we can get x-rays done much more quickly for patients.”

The portable device was donated to the Radiology department by a group of five different local Rotary Clubs who raised more than £3,000.

Mike Jones, former President of Hadleigh Castle Rotary Club, said: “The sensory equipment really captured the imagination of our members. We’re so pleased that it is making a difference to patients -  particularly children.”

Other Rotary Clubs that raised money were Leigh, Rochford, Thorpe Bay and Westcliff.

Claire added: “We are really grateful to all the Rotary Clubs for funding the sensory machine for us; it’s absolutely amazing.”



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