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Margaret’s milestone as she is still cleaning at Southend Hospital, aged 90

Margaret’s milestone as she is still cleaning at Southend Hospital, aged 90

A dedicated Domestic Assistant who works at Southend Hospital is still shining bright – with her polishing and dusting - as she reaches her 90th birthday.

Margaret Price has been an integral part of the hospital since 1991, and continues to inspire her colleagues with her commitment to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for visitors, patients and staff.

Margaret said: "I never thought I would still be doing this at 90, but I love every moment. It keeps me young, and I feel like part of a big family here at Southend Hospital."

Margaret was born in 1934 in North Yorkshire, when Southend Hospital had only been open for two years, and moved to Southend when her husband started a job in the area. She went on to support a family after having seven children, which has now grown to include 13 grandchildren.

Her colleagues are full of praise for Margaret and the positive impact she has on everyone she meets. Janka Bobosikova, Operational Domestic Service Manager, said: "Margaret is the heart and soul of our team. Her dedication is truly remarkable, and we are privileged to have her with us."

Susan Haynes, Domestic Supervisor, said: "Margaret's wisdom and experience are invaluable. She has seen the hospital evolve over the years, and her stories bring a sense of history to our workplace. We all look up to her as a role model – she is always happy and making everyone laugh."

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