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Help shape the future of patient experience at hospitals

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Patients, visitors, or relatives of someone who has received care at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, are being invited to give feedback on what it gets right or could do better.

Jonathan Wright, patient experience manager, said: “It’s a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get involved and have their say on what they think is important to them about their local hospitals and how they want to be cared for.

“Our community are the people who use our hospitals, whether that be as patients or visitors, so we’d love to hear what they think an ‘outstanding’ patient experience looks and feels like.”

This important information will help shape the Trust’s Patient Experience Strategy for the next five years, so having your say could help improve patient services for the future across Basildon, Broomfield, and Southend hospitals, as well as its other sites across Essex.

One patient who has already had their say, said: “I found the feedback session really useful in being able to share my experience. Whilst most of my experience was good, there were aspects of my care that could be improved.” 

Feedback can be given in several different ways, including online events, drop-in sessions, or anonymous forms.

Full details about how you can join an online event or fill in a form can be found here: Patient Experience Improve Our Services Survey Mid and South Essex | Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust (

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