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Flower power is helping hospital staff improve lives of patients and colleagues

Values Awards flower power

Three blooming marvellous hospital staff have been recognised for their hard work and dedication in the latest Values Awards from Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust.

A patient with chronic cardiac issues, who needed additional mental health support, was really growing places thanks to the help of Dawn Haslen, a Arryhmia Specialist Nurse, and Rachel Harris, Admin Support for Cardiac Specialist Nurses. 

The pair, who are part of the Atrial Fibrillation team at Broomfield Hospital, helped engage the patient by setting up a sunflower growing competition, which had a huge positive impact on the patient’s wellbeing.

They said: “Although it is lovely to get the recognition of this award, we are just doing our job, which is helping improve the lives of our patients. That is where the reward lies, to see how even the smallest thing can help benefit their care and wellbeing.”

Nominator Tiffany Arnold, Digital Marketing Manager, said: “Dawn really takes the time to get to know her patients and think of innovative ideas to help with their care by combining it with their interests.”

Meanwhile Marie Farine, a Dialysis Housekeeper Technician at Southend Hospital, was sowing the seeds of her own gardening-related idea to help colleagues, by developing a little garden area next to the renal unit.

Georgina Farro, Renal Home Therapies Manager who nominated Marie said: “This formerly unmaintained area has now become a little area of beauty for everyone to enjoy whilst they go about their work. Marie is like our little ray of sunshine, so thank you to her for her kind and thoughtful gesture, she should be very proud of helping make a positive difference.”

The Values Awards are given out monthly to honour teams and individuals who showcase the Trust’s values of being Excellent, Compassionate and Respectful.

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