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Doctor thanked for training more than 32,000 radiology students across the world

Dr. Sami Khan

A consultant radiologist at Basildon Hospital has received an award for teaching more than 32,000 trainees from 45 countries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The award was created by the Royal College of Radiologists to honour the amount of hours Dr Sami Khan put into teaching students and focusing on their welfare during the pandemic.

Dr Khan took his teaching online and gave access to all trainees preparing for their final exams, holding 35 intensive teaching sessions, all in his own time.

His inspiring sessions reached trainees across five different continents, and his hard work and commitment has received lots of positive feedback.

One student in Egypt wrote: “Heartfelt gratitude to the only free radiology prep course. The organisers made the course online this year which is an added benefit. Dr Khan’s way of teaching is superb.”

Dr Khan explained his training has given students around the world an extra opportunity to study through the COVID pandemic.

“It was great to see how many people joined these free training sessions during such a difficult period, and how many of them wrote thanking me.

“Ultimately, this means there will be a new group of dedicated students coming through with increased knowledge of radiology, which is a huge positive for patients.

“It is an honour to get the recognition from the Royal College of Radiologists, but I get the most pleasure knowing my work will help benefit thousands of people across the world.”


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