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Celebrating the mid and south Essex leaplings!

Leap year babies 2024 - Blessing, Owen, Olivia, Rita, Oghosa Lisa

Any birth is precious but for babies born on 29 February, they are even more special.

Families who gave birth at Broomfield and Basildon hospitals, part of Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, are celebrating their special leaplings.

Leanne and Michael from Brentwood were excited to welcome their new baby, and after an eventful few days waiting for baby Chester to arrive, he was finally delivered on 29 February. Leanne said:

“Our baby was due six days ago, but he obviously had other ideas. Family and friends kept saying he might be born on 29 February, but we didn’t think it would happen. We were so excited to meet him and know I know our ‘leapling’ will have a very special birthday every four years.”

By lunchtime around six babies had been welcomed into the world at Broomfield Hospital, and it’s still a rare event with only one in 1461 babies being born on this day.

Jessica Ball, Midwife at Broomfield Hospital said:

“This is my first leap year as a qualified midwife, and already we’ve delivered three babies and three expected today and likely more to come through unexpected arrivals. Some ladies who have birthed today have been very excited to know the significance of the day.”

At Basildon Hospital, two families were keen to celebrate their special leap year babies.

Blessing Osagie, mum, said: "Olivia was born today at 2.50am. Baby and I are doing well after the unexpected C-section, and she's already our special girl. Even though I hoped for a different birthday, she chose today, and we'll make the most of it! We'll celebrate her every February 28th, a special day in our family, as it's her dad's birthday too."

Oghosa Lisa, aunt, said: "Every four years, we are going to have a big party for her. She is unique and special, she chosen to come today."

Georgia Grant Lacey, who gave birth to her second child said: "Louie was born at 1.19 this morning. The baby is doing well—quiet, healthy, and the birth was very, very quick. We are currently deciding on his birthday; we plan to celebrate it on the 28th, in non-leap years. On the 29th we'll celebrate his special birthday. He is very beautiful, and his big brother absolutely loves him."

Congratulations to all our families who brought leap year babies in to the world on 29 February.

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