Zero tolerance to abuse

We have a zero tolerance policy for verbal or physical abuse towards our colleagues.

Please treat our staff with the same respect you would expect to receive.

COVID-19 guidance for patients and visitors

COVID-19 guidance for patients and visitors - updated 20 October 2021

Staff and public attending Basildon, Broomfield and Southend hospitals and satellite sites, must continue to wear face coverings, follow social distance rules and use hand gel.

To keep our visitors and staff safe, protect our vulnerable patients and limit the spread of COVID-19, we continue to restrict the number of people allowed on to our hospital sites. 

We know that it’s hugely important for patients to see their loved ones while they are in hospital, so are doing all we can to support people to keep in contact while keeping everyone as safe as possible. We will continue to review our visiting arrangements in line with guidance from Public Health England, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Visiting times are 2-3pm and 6-7pm and each patient is allowed a single visitor. Please note that this must be the same visitor each time, only one designated visitor is permitted to visit a patient during their time in hospital. To ensure we can maintain social distancing only two patients in a bay - which may contain 4-6 beds - will be able to have their designated visitor at the same time, so you will need to arrange visiting with ward staff.

Not all patients can bring a visitor when attending the emergency department. To ensure the safety of both staff and patients only vulnerable patients who require complex/difficult decision making may be accompanied by one close family contact, or somebody important to the patient, to support them. This applies to outpatients and diagnosis settings as well.

All visitors will have to adhere to all the infection control guidelines, including wearing a face covering or mask.

Patients in critical care (non-covid areas) will be allowed one visitor – but by prior arrangement with the critical care unit. Visitors are not allowed on to wards where patients have been isolating prior to admission.

We will keep these restrictions under constant review as the national guidance continues to change.

Testing for COVID-19, lateral flow

All members of the public are offered two lateral flow tests per week as part of the effort to control the spread of COVID. The lateral flow tests can be accessed from pharmacies, community hubs and online. Please visit for more information. 

To report your result to the NHS, visit


Outpatient appointments and cancer treatment

To manage the continuing Covid pandemic we have reduced our current footfall for outpatients in our hospitals and freed up staff to participate in Covid related duties.

Our current outpatient activity will continue either by telephone or virtual appointments at all sites. 

Patients requiring a face to face appointment, where possible, will be seen at one of our green sites, where there are no Covid patients, based on clinical urgency. Please be assured that social distancing measures and the use of face masks will be in place for all clinics.

We're using local independent hospitals to help us prioritise patients who have clinically urgent needs or are suspected to have cancer. All patients with suspected cancer should attend essential appointments for diagnosis or treatment.

General ward areas

Each patient is allowed one visitor, which must be the same visitor every time.

Visiting times will be between 2-3pm and 6-7pm. However, to ensure we can maintain social distancing we will only be able to have two visitors in a bay at any one time, so this will need to be by prior arrangement with ward staff.

If you are a carer to a vulnerable patient please liaise with the ward directly so they are able to assess the individual patients’ needs and the support required and agree a plan.

Surgical wards \ Covid wards

Unfortunately we still can’t allow visiting in our Covid wards.

Green wards

No visitors are allowed on to the green wards where patients have been isolating prior to admissions.

End of Life Care

Where patients are entering their last days of life, two visitors can be with them at all times.

Critical Care

Visiting in critical care is restricted. Please contact each unit for visiting details.


Updated guidance for all children’s inpatient wards – September 2021

  • Parents/carers can visit the children’s ward, but only one can be on the ward with their child at any time. We suggest one change per day to protect the children and our staff
  • Currently we are unable to accommodate siblings
  • Please complete a lateral flow test before you visit (including when you leave the site and return) – only return if it is a negative result and show upon entry to the ward.

We understand that some parents attend tertiary centres that have further relaxed restrictions, such as GOSH, but at this time we are unable to relax our restrictions because of the level of emergency cases we receive.

Individual circumstances may be taken into account - please discuss your needs with the nurse in charge.

Neonatal Units - current access for parents

Currently Basildon and Southend can facilitate unrestricted access for Parents to see their babies, but only one parent can be present at the baby’s cotside at any one time to allow social distancing (in exceptional circumstances this may be changed)

At Broomfield both parents have unrestricted access.

Maternity services

Update: 24 September 2021

From Friday 24 September, visiting times for maternity inpatients across our three hospitals and our stand-alone birthing units will increase.

Women staying in our antenatal and postnatal services will be able to have one named adult visit them at any time from 9am to 8.30pm each day.

Please note:

  • The visitor will need to be the same person throughout their stay in hospital
  • All visitors will need to wear a face mask correctly covering their nose and mouth
  • Visitors will need to wash or sanitise their hands regularly.

If you have any questions about visiting arrangements, please talk to a member of staff on your ward.

Emergency Department and Assessment Units

When attending the emergency department the patient may be accompanied by one close family contact, or somebody important to the patient, to support them with any complex/difficult decision making. This applies to outpatients and diagnosis settings as well.

For children, only one adult may accompany them during the visit. 


When attending an outpatient appointment, patients may be accompanied by one close family contact, or somebody important to the patient, to support them with any complex/difficult decision making.

For children's outpatient appointments, only one adult may accompany them. 


Supporting your recovery after COVID-19

As you find yourself recovering from COVID-19 you may still be coming to terms with the impact the virus has had on both your body and mind. 

These changes should get better over time, some may take longer than others, but there are things you can do to help. 

Your COVID Recovery helps you to understand what has happened and what you might expect as part of your recovery.



We have been overwhelmed with the incredible support we have received from members of the public and businesses locally and nationally throughout the pandemic.

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