Welcome to our Children and Young People services

Here you will find information about the services across our mid and south Essex hospitals.

Children and Young People - Visiting wards at Broomfield Hospital

Phoenix Unit (E122) is a children's medical and surgical ward caring for children who are admitted as an emergency or who require an overnight stay in hospital
Children's Assessment Unit - There is an assessment facility for children with a range of medical  and surgical conditions. Children can be referred urgently by their GP or  by Accident and Emergency to this unit and will be seen and assessed by a paediatrician or a surgeon. 
Neonatal Unit (A405) provides intensive and special care for sick and premature babies who are admitted directly from the labour ward or from the community midwifery teams. Babies are transferred into and out of the unit to ensure that each baby receives the appropriate level of care. 
Wizard ward (A301) provides planned day surgical facilities for children and young people.
Children's Outpatients (A101) provides a comprehensive children's outpatient service and outreach clinics to the community hospitals. Visiting specialist teams from The Royal London, Royal Brompton and Great Ormond Street provide joint care clinics.

Children’s Burns Ward - Broomfield Hospital

The video below gives a great overview of the Children's Burns Ward.

Children’s Burns Ward - an overview

Overview of the Departments

The Children’s Burn Ward is a small ward with 8 beds, especially designed for children who have sustained a burn injury or who have experienced a medical skin loss condition.

We offer a high standard of Family Centred Burns care to children and their families.

Our team includes many specialists such as doctors, nurses and therapist, working together to ensure children and their families feel confident that they are safe and well cared for.

Our nursery nurses and play specialists support children to cope with their burns treatment using play as an integral part of their care. They also provide support to siblings and the wider family, alongside our psychotherapy team.

We use the six Cs of Care, Compassion, Courage, Commitment, Competence and Communication to guide our young patients and their families through their burns care journey towards a happy, healthy future.

Children’s Burns Dressing Clinic

Most children who have had a burn injury will need to return to the ward to have their dressings changed.

The childrens’ burns dressing clinic is held on the ward every day between 10am and 6pm.

The Staff

  • Senior Ward Sister – Overall responsibility for ward staff, patients and families
  • Junior Sister – supports senior sister
  • Children’s Nurses – provides  nursing care for children and their families
  • Nursery Nurses – supports nurses to provide care for children and families
  • Health Play Specialists – provide play support to children and their families
  • Housekeeper – keeps the ward stocked up, clean and tidy
  • Domestics – keeps the ward clean and tidy
  • Catering Hostess – prepares and provides food and drink for the children

Service Information and Contact Details

Children’s Burns Ward: 

General visiting: 10am – 8pm.

Parents visiting: Anytime during the day. We can support one parent to stay overnight


Only visitors agreed by parents may visit.

Maximum of 4 visitors at one time.(Only parents if a child has just been to theatre.)

We do not recommend that babies under 6 months, or children that have not received immunisations visit the ward.

We cannot allow visitors who have been unwell in the past 48 hours.

No hot drinks are allowed to be taken on to the ward.

No flowers are allowed on the ward.

All visitors including parents will be required to use the door security to identify themselves prior to entering the ward. 

This is for the safety and wellbeing of the children.

Useful links

•    https://www.britishburnassociation.org/
•    https://www.changingfaces.org.uk/

Children's Outpatients - Broomfield Hospital

Welcome to the Children’s outpatients Department

The Children’s Outpatient Department is situated just inside the main atrium of the Hospital.  It is located on the ground floor area A101.

Our postal address is:

Children’s Outpatients
Area 101
Broomfield Hospital
Court Road 

Telephone Number: 01245 513074 / 513075


Clinics are run Monday to Friday 09.00 - 18.00. We have 12 permanent paediatric consultants that run the clinics. We also provide clinics for visiting consultants from other hospitals, for example Cardiac – Brompton Hospital, Gastroenterology – Royal London, Cystic Fibrosis – Great Ormond Street Hospital.

They are happy to provide access to their clinics for the students during their placement and can provide vast amounts of knowledge appropriate to the student’s requirement.

Summary of service provision

We provide the following clinics, Paediatric general clinics, ward follow up, diabetic, dermatology, rheumatology, allergy, epilepsy, oncology, cardiology, urology, cystic fibrosis, growth, dietician services.

We provide Nurse led clinics which students will be able to participate and assist where appropriate these include, allergy testing, Epipen training, food challenges, immunisations and assisting in taking bloods with Entonox.

Client Group

Our client group is from birth to 16 years of age, children with long term conditions may continue paediatric care until a later age.


Students are given an initial meeting during their first day in outpatients. They will be able to discuss their learning log and what outcomes can be achieved during their placement.

Philosophy Of Care is:

Our belief is that children and their families have the right to expect the best professional care and attention at all times.

We recognise the unique needs of children and their families and are here to give support and information in a relaxed and child family environment, taking into account your cultural, psychological and physical needs.

What we expect from students in our department

  • We expect students to wear the correct uniform in line with the dress code.
  • We expect our students to be punctual.
  • To ring the nurse in charge if you are unable to report for duty on that day.
  • To take an interest in our children’s consultations.
  • To respect the children, parents and family at all times.

Welcome to Phoenix Ward - Broomfield Hospital

“Staff are welcoming, friendly, helpful and polite.

The hospital is amazing and the facilities excellent.

Nothing is too much trouble, staff go the extra mile.

The attention I received was world class.

My child loves the play area.”

We want to extend a warm welcome to both you and your child should you need to visit us here on Phoenix Ward, located at E122 in the east wing of Broomfield Hospital.

On arrival, you will be met by one of our receptionists who will direct you to the most appropriate area of the ward.

We have an eight bedded Assessment Unit, co-located within Phoenix ward which is a 24 hour facility for the assessment and treatment of children who require urgent paediatric care. Children are referred here for medical/surgical reasons and for the following specialities Ear Nose and Throat, Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedic and Maxilla Facial surgery. The unit is staffed by an experienced senior nursing team. There are eight beds, two triage rooms, a treatment room and a waiting room. 

The assessment unit is often very busy as we accept referrals 24/7 however staff do their best to ensure children are seen as quickly as they can be whilst waiting for doctors to make their assessment and plan of treatment.

Phoenix is a Paediatric ward with 24 in-patient beds. A variety of specialities and conditions are cared for on the ward and the following Consultants care for both (elective) planned and trauma (emergency) children.

Our patients can be elective admissions or be admitted from Accident and Emergency, their GP or another referring hospital. We also give children with complex needs PDA cards (Patient Direct Access or yellow cards) and these children can be self-referred to our assessment unit.

We provide specialist hand surgery and plastic surgery for the whole of Essex, North east London, East Herts, South Suffolk and South Cambridgeshire, nearly 4 million people. We work very closely with the Accident and Emergency which is on the second floor of the PFI building.

We also work with Great Ormond Street in undertaking cleft surgery and with Addenbrookes and UCLH (University College London Hospital) in providing cancer care for children.

We aim to provide high quality, individualised care and follow the nursing process in order to develop individualised nursing plans of care. When a patient is admitted to the ward, we assess their nursing care needs and carry out risk assessments in order to promote harm free care. The nursing documentation booklets will provide a framework to support this. These assessments will provide the relevant patient information to develop individualised care plans that will guide patient care within the nursing team.

We have a large team of trained Nursery Nurses and Play Specialists who assist in making a child’s experience a positive one and help both the child and their family during their stay on the ward.

The role of the Nursery Nurse

  • Developing play as a means of communicating information to children.
  • To provide a child friendly environment.
  • To maintain toys and play equipment.
  • To maintain patient records.
  • To support parents and other family members.
  • To provide information if needed.
  • To help with the daily care needs of the children.
  • To support my colleagues.
  • To provide toys and equipment to children in ITU.
  • To assist with dressing changes, baths and medical observations.
  • To follow up patients progress during their outpatients appointments.
  • To engage in stimulating activities with the children.
  • To liaise with members of multidisciplinary agencies within and outside of the NHS. 

The role of Hospital Play Specialist 

  • Provide play to help children master and cope with anxieties and feelings.
  • Use play to prepare children for theatre or any hospital procedures.
  • Distract children during procedures i.e. dressing changes/ baths, blood tests.
  • Support families and siblings
  • Liaise with nursery/schools.
  • Work closely with other members of the multi-disciplinary team.
  • Provide play to help achieve developmental goals.
  • Contribute to clinical judgement through play-based observations.
  • Compile play programmes/ daily routines
  • Organise daily play and art activities both at children’s beds and in the playroom.
  • Liaise with the hospital teacher and accompany the children to the classroom.
  • Help organise special events, i.e. parties, pantomimes, and days out.
  • To refer children to appropriate support networks.
  • Help teach the value of play for sick children.

The ward nurses are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) and hold a vital role throughout a child’s care journey from admission to discharge, we proactively work within the MDT to ensure that children’s high quality, safe care is achieved and discharge planning is effective and timely. 

We have a large room specifically designed for teenagers with pool, gaming, TV and music. We also have a sensory room for our younger children. We have a large outdoor play area with many activities including a pirate boat; a corner of this is for teenagers to have their own space. We have a designated school area and a teacher comes in each day to work with children of school age. 

As a ward we are always looking to improve so we encourage feedback on our teenage graffiti wall which is read and any issues actioned by Mel the Ward Sister. We also obtain feedback using our “Tops and Pants” board where younger children can tell us what they think about their stay; good or bad.

Parents can also feedback to us in the feedback books in our waiting room and parents room, Mel the ward sister reads these comments monthly and acts on any issues and feeds these back to both parents and staff. We receive a lot of positive feedback from our families.

Our visiting times are: 10:00-20:00 (Parents open visiting)
Our Mealtimes are: At midday and our protected mealtime is at 17:00
Our Contact number is: 01245 513256

Useful Information          

  • Commonly used abbreviations-a list of these is kept in the bedside folders.

  • There is a bedside folder with lots of useful information about the ward and the hospital.

  • Entrance to Phoenix is gained via a security door. All staff have an ID badge and should be wearing this at all times. Please state who you are and who you are with on entry to the ward and please do not let others into the ward when you come in.

  • Car Parking - You may only park in the designated areas. Parents can obtain a 24 hour permit, please go to the cashier’s office in the atrium to obtain this.

  • We have facilities for parents on the ward, a room to rest and enjoy a meal/hot drink and one parent/carer can stay overnight by their child’s bedside.

Welcome to Wizard Ward - Broomfield Hospital

Wizard ward is situated within the Hospital wing at the front of Broomfield hospital.

It is a purpose built ten bedded day surgical unit, where we will care for your child when they are admitted to hospital for any planned surgery.

The types of surgery children attend Wizard for, include:

Ear, Nose and Throat

General Surgery
Inguinal Hernia 
Umbilical Hernia

Orthopaedic surgery
In growing toenails
Steroid injections

Release of adhesions
Syringe and Probe

Dental surgery
Pre- orthodontic treatment
Tongue Tie

Plastic surgery  
Laser : Port wine stain treatment
Syndactyly/ Polydactly
Removal of K-wire
Prominent ear correction


A service for those children who require a general anaesthetic.
The team provides the child and family with a holistic hospital experience and continuity of care.

The planned surgery pathway


Once a surgeon has determined your child requires surgery, you will be added to the waiting list.  When you have been sent a date for surgery a pre-assessment letter will arrive shortly after.

A pre-assessment appointment is where you and your child meet with one of the nurses from the wizard ward team (We aim for 2-4 weeks before surgery)

  • Parental responsibility check
  • You will tour the unit
  • Be provided with written and verbal information
  • You will complete health questions related to your child
  • Weight/height
  • Pulse, Temperature, Blood pressure
  • See an anaesthetist (if required – and may be on another date)
  • Question and answer session with the nurse
  • Infection prevention screening
  • Hearing test (For ENT ear surgery only)
  • Play Specialist involvement for those children who require extra preparation 

At the end of this appointment you and your child will be fully prepared for admission and aware of the journey your child will follow.

(Please note: short notice surgery - we will call to arrange a convenient pre-assessment date and time with you)

Day of surgery

You will have received detailed information on the Welcome To Wizard Ward information leaflet.

On your arrival at the unit, you book in at the reception desk in A301 and wait to be called through.

You will be shown to a bed where you will settle in before one of the nursing team will admit your child:

  • Parental responsibility check
  • Magic cream is applied to the backs of both hands
  • Identity bracelet fastened to wrist or ankle (depending on age and surgery site)
  • Allergy bracelet – if required
  • Checks: Pulse, Temperature, Blood pressure
  • Confirmation of information supplied at pre-assessment and any changes
  • Consultation with the Surgeon and signing consent (see link below)
  • Consultation with Anaesthetist 

When all necessary documentation has been completed, there may be a considerable wait until your child is called for surgery.

We have an experienced Play Specialist who can provided diversionary activities for any child who is waiting to be called. We will keep you updated on the progress of the theatre list and the expected time of operation to the best of our ability but please be aware that there are circumstances outside of our control.

Do not hesitate to speak to one of the nursing team for an update. We appreciate this is an anxious time for you as a family.


Only one parent may accompany the child to the anaesthetic room with a wizard ward nurse.

Inside the room will be several members of the theatre team:

  • The anaesthetist
  • The ODP (Anaesthetic assistant)
  • Scrub nurse and/or Surgeon

In here, the team will have several checks to complete before your child is anaesthetised.

These are for patient safety and will confirm all of the information you would have provided previously.

After your child is asleep you will be escorted back to Wizard Ward.

Here you will find a parents kitchen in which tea and coffee making facilities are available.

(Please Note: No hot drinks to be taken out of the parents kitchen)

If you decide to leave the ward we will write down your contact number so we may reach you easily.


When the surgery is complete, your child will be taken into the recovery area.
Here they will be looked after by 2 nurses until they begin to wake up.

The recovery team will contact us as soon as possible and one parent will be escorted down to be with your child.


Once back on the ward your child may be offered a drink straight away, or they may continue to sleep if too drowsy.

Each child is treated individually according to their age, needs and type of surgery.

Toast and biscuits are offered. Alternatively, you may bring your own food with you.

As we look after very different surgery cases here on Wizard Ward, length of stay post operatively will vary, please see your nurse for further information. 

Minimum stay - 11/2  hours

When your child is ready to go home and has met all the necessary discharge criteria, the nurse will provide comprehensive verbal and written instructions for you to care for your child at home.

Emergency contact numbers are written on your discharge leaflet.

All families are contacted by the nursing team within 7 days via telephone to check all is well.

Contact details

Sisters office : 01245 513604
Ward : 01245 513607 / 513606

Department / Service details

Monday - Friday
Pre-assessment : 08:30-1700
Ward 07:00 - 18:00 (21:00 as required)

Wizard ward pre-assesment video

A short video explaining the journey a child will have when they visit Wizard ward at Broomfield Hospital.

What to expect when having an MRI (Children)

This video explains the step-by-step process that a child will go through when coming to our hospitals to have and MRI scan.