Congratulations to our Shine Awards winners

On 3 November 2022, finalists from across the Trust were invited to a special awards event at Orsett Hall where the winners were announced.

Over 350 nominations were submitted across nine award categories. After a robust scoring and judging process, the final 27 nominees were selected, and below you can watch our nominee videos and read more about our final nine winners:

Making a difference award winners

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Deborah Johnson

Deborah Johnson 

During Covid, some of our volunteers struggled with booking their jabs on Shift Partner. Deborah rang each one and talked them through the process step by step. She did the same when volunteers returned this year and had to complete new risk assessments, talking them through the forms and writing a help sheet to get them through the process.

Deb is always kind and compassionate. This has been a difficult time for some of our volunteers returning after two years of isolation and loneliness at home. Just recently Deb assisted a gentleman who was struggling following the loss of his wife, helping to secure additional counselling and support for him and liaising with the department where he worked. 

Deb has recently stepped up to help support the volunteers at Southend. Without Deb the volunteer service and care cars patient transport service would have fallen apart, and patients would have been impacted.

Partnership award winners

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Admiral/Dementia and Delirium Clinical Nurse Specialist team

A photo of the Delirium and Dementia team 

The dementia team are a wonderful example of individuals working collaboratively, across team and organisational boundaries, to improve services for people with dementia. 

Each of the Admiral/dementia and delirium clinical nurse specialists has their own area of expertise which they are extremely passionate about. Together, they bring their drive and strengths to these areas. The team develop strategies and policies for use across the Trust to support with improvements to care. 

The Admiral/dementia and delirium CNSs have actively sought feedback from patients using their services encouraging them to share views and experiences. This helps the team to advocate for patients and support them in having their voice heard. They strive to feature dementia in many different forums across the Trust.   

Equity and patient involvement award winners

Pulmonary Rehab team

A photo of the Pulmonary Rehab team

The Pulmonary Rehab team were able to provide rehab services to vulnerable patients during the pandemic.  

The team are also playing an important part with patients transitioning to life after the pandemic.  

The team use different delivery methods to provide services, liaising with patients by telephone, virtually and in-person.  

These methods help the team to deliver high quality local services and allow equitable access to patients at a critical time. During a very isolating time for patients, the team have been adaptable and compassionate.  

Leadership award winner

Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith 

Gareth stepped into the manager role at a difficult time during the pandemic. He has done an exceptional job of keeping the service running, whilst ensuring staff and patient safety. 

Gareth has developed new Covid protocols for Audiology which now benefit the whole Trust. He also introduced a journal club to improve shared knowledge and teamwork. 

Innovation and improvement go hand in hand for Gareth. His ability to improve departmental policy within changing times is unmatched. Gareth introduced remote hearing aid care to adjust patients’ devices from the comfort of their own home.  

He supports and encourages staff to embrace changes by delivering training sessions and meetings. He makes sure decisions are shared within the department. 

Gareth has ensured the team meet high standards of care achieving the new level of IQIPS accreditation, all whilst seeing plenty of patients. 

Rising star award winner

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Stephanie Matthews

Stephanie Matthews

Stephanie has come into her own over the last year, standing out as a natural leader. 

She has been committed to making things better for colleagues and patients. Her can-do attitude, determination and ability to work across a diverse boundary has brought her in front of many forums such as presenting in front of senior leadership teams. 

Stephanie’s passion for the hospital has meant she is committed to investing time and energy beyond her call of duty. She is determined to go even further and wants to not only complete her training here but spend her professional career at Southend Hospital.  

She is a compassionate young doctor who is ambitious and intelligent. She epitomises the future leadership of the NHS.

Spotlight award winner

Bina Gurung

Bina Gurung

Bina is the sole cleaner for Britannia Park's two building sites. She does the most excellent job of keeping the building clean - such a great job that there has never been an outbreak of Covid on site.  She'll make sure all surfaces and touchpoints are cleaned with great attention to detail. She fulfils her expected duties brilliantly but will also be on hand to clean any messes created by staff working at the time, sometimes dealing with the most unhygienic tasks with very basic equipment. 

Bina carries out her duties with a cheery disposition, and is always positive and happy towards colleagues. She strives to provide an excellent service each day, taking great pride in her role at MSEFT.  

She is a joy to be around, always uplifting, polite and cheerful. The staff at Britannia Park are so thankful to Bina and she deserves this recognition, especially as her work goes unnoticed. 

Efficiency and innovation award winners

Blossom Eatherton

Blossom Eatherton

Last year, Blossom identified over £1million savings on agency spending. This year she is building on even more savings, to the potential value of £3million.  

Blossom is a champion of communication and facilitation of activities across the HR business partners and within the recruitment team, as well as externally with recruitment supply agencies. 

To gain a clear benchmarking picture, Blossom completed detailed analysis on spending from different data sources. Following her analysis, she organised meetings with HRBPs and recruitment to agree aligned working practices. 

Blossom’s role is only a temporary one, but she is pouring her heart and soul into the job. She approaches tasks collaboratively and concentrates on what can be achieved, rather than what cannot. 

Outstanding individual award winner

Gemma Chapman

Gemma Chapman

Since joining the department in a newly formed role, Gemma, working independently, has shown an outstanding contribution to the Cardiothoracic Centre theatre service. She manages all aspects of instrumentation of the cardiothoracic theatre service.  

Gemma has made this role her own, and always works with a smile despite pressures. She provides exceptional communication and leadership skills, communicating with external sterile services, external specialist instrument companies, other wards and departments, senior management, Consultants and theatre users.  

Gemma facilitates meetings and communication with external partners. She has thrown herself into the role, taking it to another level. 

She is always positive and always looking for a solution. She is not afraid to speak up but always does this with complete respect for others.

Outstanding team award winners

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Living well with cancer team

A photo of the living well with cancer team

The Living well with cancer team designed, established and successfully ran a one-year pilot delivering prehabilitation and rehabilitation for patients with a cancer diagnosis. The pilot helped improve physical and mental wellbeing of patients and optimised recovery from cancer. 

Colleagues with varying degrees of experience were brought together to form a brand new team. They bonded quickly and worked together brilliantly to deliver the service.

The project has had a really positive impact on patients by giving them holistic care, with access to dieticians, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy at any point in their cancer journey.  

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