Working with our patients, carers and local community

We encourage and welcome the support of our patients, carers, family members, local voluntary and community groups who would like to give their time to help the Trust understand how the services meet their needs.

If you would like to speak with a member of the patient experience team to give feedback you can do so in a number of ways:

Virtual appointments are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 11.30am on our AttendAnywhere virtual platform. To book a virtual appointment please email

To speak with someone on the phone;

Basildon Hospital - 01268 524900

Broomfield Hospital - 01245 516891

Southend Hospital - 01702 435555 ext 4284

Or share your experience by email

Working in partnership with you helps us to be the best for you and your loved one.


Useful links:

Letters to Loved Ones

Keep in touch with friends or relatives in our hospitals by using the Letters to Loved Ones service.

Email your letters or pictures to

Please state the patients full name, hospital site and ward that they are in.

Meet the Patient Experience team

Annette Agetue-Smith, Associate Director of Patient Experience & Engagement

Annette Agetue-Smith - Associate Director of Patient Experience & Engagement

My name is Annette and I am the Associate Director of Patient Experience and Engagement having worked for the NHS for 12 years with experience in partnership working, voluntary services, commissioning, public health, patient and public involvement.

I am passionate about learning disabilities, carers, equality and diversity. As the Associate Director of Patient Experience and Engagement for the Trust, my role is to ensure that positive experience of care is a culture within the organisation through meaningful patient and carer engagement, gathering insights and feedback,  ensuring that patient participation in decision making and service improvement is paramount here at Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust. 

It is a real privilege to be given the opportunity to lead the function of patient experience and engagement at Mid and South Essex Hospital Foundation Trust.  I recognise the enormity of the task ahead and look forward to being part of an extraordinary team delivering outstanding care for the people of Mid and South Essex.


Sarah Haines, Head of Patient Experience and Engagement

Sarah Haines - Head of Patient Experience and Engagement

My name is Sarah and I am the new Head of Patient Experience and Engagement for the MSE group.

I have worked in the NHS for almost 30 years, primarily in learning disability services and Mental health. I am passionate about inclusion and accessibility of services and I believe that meaningful coproduction and interaction within our local communities is key to providing safe effective services. I am looking forward to my new role and working with our patients to drive change for all.




Jonathan Wright, Patient Experience Manager 

Jonathan Wright - Patient Experience Manager

My name is Jonathan Wright, and I am the Patient Experience Manager for the Trust. I have worked for the NHS since 2009 at Broomfield Hospital before taking up a Mid and South Essex role in 2020.

I am experienced working with users of services, volunteers, charities and voluntary organisations. I am keen to ensure that the users of services are able to provide feedback about the care that they have received which leads to improved experiences for them and others.



Kelley-Elle Carvalho, Patient Experience Coordinator - Mid Essex

Kelley-Elle Carvalho - Patient Experience Coordinator - Mid Essex

My name is Kelley-Elle and I am the Patient Experience Coordinator at Broomfield Hospital.

I joined the trust in September 2020 with a previous background in retail recruitment where I wanted to transfer my skills into patient experience as it is an area that is really important to me.

I am passionate about engaging with patients and staff to give us really valuable feedback to ensure we are giving the best care. The Friends and Family test along with our CQC National surveys enable us to hear what our patients are saying which can help us implement ‘’You said, we did’’ around our hospital.


Eddie Aruoture, Patient Experience Coordinator - Basildon

Eddie Aruoture - Patient Experience Coordinator - Basildon

Hi, My name is Edward and I am the Patient Experience Coordinator at Basildon University Hospital.

I previously worked at Queens Hospital in the Pals and Complaints Team. I am passionate about patients receiving excellent service & care in our hospital. Some of the services we offer in Patient Experience are Letters to Loved Ones, Organising Patient forums and Events for Carers and their Families. I also engage with external stakeholders for example NHS England & Improvement, Healthwatch Essex, CQC in ensuring we receive valuable feedback.


Scott Lavender, Patient Experience Coordinator - Southend

Scott Lavender - Patient Experience Coordinator - Southend

My name is Scott Lavender I am the Patient Experience Coordinator at Southend University Hospital.

I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years. In that time I have held many varied roles including Domestic Service Assistant, Healthcare Assistant in Theatres and most recently as Trauma Admin Coordinator for St Andrews Hand Trauma Unit. 

I am passionate about patient experience because time spent in hospital for both patients and their loved ones can be their hardest and when they are their most vulnerable. The work we do as a patient experience team through gathering feedback from patients, loved ones and carers from the Friends and Family Test, surveys and online feedback allows us to make the experience of the services the trust provides more pleasant.