Discover Theatres @ MSE

We put excellence, compassion and respect into everything we do, and invite you to discover the opportunities awaiting you with a career in our theatres department.

Our Trust cares for a population of over 1.2 million people at our hospitals across mid and south Essex, and our theatres focus on innovating and advancing operating techniques across a variety of specialties.  This ensures that we not only provide excellent patient care, but also give our staff the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills.

We excel in a variety of specialisms, treating our patients from head to toe, we're regional centres for a number of these specialties. That gives our staff the opportunity to gain a variety of working experiences as they progress in their careers.

Basildon is the regional centre for vascular services and Southend for cancer services. 

Broomfield is the regional centre for 

  • upper gastro-intestinal
  • ear, nose and throat
  • head and neck
  • burns and plastics 

Both Broomfield and Southend hospitals are advancing the use of robotics, and Basildon and Broomfield sites have state-of-the-art hybrid theatres. All our staff have the opportunity to work in these areas and learn new skills so they can grow their careers.

If you're looking for a department that wants to invest in you, gives you the tools to develop your career and allows you to be a part of cutting-edge medicine, then click the links below and Discover Theatres @ MSE.

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