Service overview - Cancer

Our cancer teams look to provide patient centred cancer care to the population of mid Essex. Clinical and specialist nursing teams provide radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care, via the inpatient and outpatient setting.

Chemotherapy in most cases is delivered on site at our mid Essex hospitals and radiotherapy will be delivered either at Colchester Hospital or our Southend Hospital site.

AttendAnywhere video consultations for patients

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We have introduced video appointments to help us carry on seeing patients during the current coronavirus pandemic.

Many of our services are now using this resource. Please click here to read more and to watch a short video, which will help you understand how these video appointments will work.

Cancer champions engagement committee

A poster version of the MSE cancer champions engagement committee information displayed below

Are you affected by cancer?                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

  • Do you want to help shape and influence cancer care across mid and south Essex?
  • Have you been affected by cancer in the last 5 years and can you share your story?
  • Tell us what went well and what didn’t go well, so that you can help us to continually improve cancer care.

We are looking to continually improve cancer care and we need your help to do this!

Various levels of involvement

  • Tell us your story
  • Join the committee
  • Work on cancer projects
  • Provide feedback
  • All input is valuable

Feel empowered to make a difference together

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us
Write to: Southend University Hospital, Prittlewell Chase, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex SS0 0RY
Telephone: 01702 435555 ext 7990

Click here to download a cancer engagement committee poster [pdf] 234KB

Basildon Hospital - Cancer Services

Who the service is for

Adults, children and young people requiring cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Patient care

All cancer referrals are centrally managed by our cancer services team, to help minimise avoidable delays for patients.

Every patient has a named clinician, and a trained specialist cancer nurse who will be their keyworker. The keyworker provides continuing support, liaises with the patient's GP and community team, and provides patients with information about their condition and treatment plus a range of general information about living with cancer.

Acute Oncology Service

Cancer patients can experience side effects or complications as a result of their condition or the treatment they are receiving. These are most likely to occur within six weeks of treatment. The acute oncology service provides assessment and advice for patients who have received treatment for cancer within the last six weeks offering faster administration of antibiotics and reduced length of stay in hospital.

Inpatient facilities

Orsett Ward at Basildon University Hospital is a dedicated cancer ward.

Elsdon Ward at Basildon University Hospital provides inpatient care for women with gynaecology problems, including gynaecology cancer.

Support for patients

Counselling and psychological support

Our counsellor and our Psychosocial Support Worker are funded by Macmillan. They see patients and relatives who are dealing with any sort of illness, but particularly those with cancer or receiving palliative care. The sessions allow them to work through the emotions and feelings associated with dealing with a life-changing diagnosis. The service can be contacted on 01268 394740.

Macmillan Information Point

There is an information point in the Outpatient Department at Basildon University Hospital, providing information and advice about different cancers, treatments and services, and a mobile information service has recently been introduced – taking information to the wards. The information point is open at the following times:

Monday, 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Tuesday, 9am – 4.30pm
Wednesday, 9am – 4.30pm
Thursday, 9am – 4.30pm
Friday, 9am – 12.30pm

When the Information point is closed people affected by cancer can contact the Information Resource Service at St Lukes House on: 01375 648170, Monday – Friday, 9am-4.30pm or the Macmillan Cancer Support helpline on: 0808 808 0000.

In addition, welfare benefit advice sessions are held every Monday morning and Friday afternoon, for cancer patients and carers. To make an appointment please telephone: 0800 019 6003 or email

Support groups

Your Clinical Nurse Specialist will be able to advise you about the support groups close to where you live, and the local cancer services user group.

About the service

We provide a wide range of cancer diagnosis and treatment services. Apart from where specified above, patients who need chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy treatment will receive this at Southend Hospital.

Broomfield Hospital - Cancer Services

The aim of the service is to provide patient centred cancer care to the population of Mid Essex. This service provides access to oncologists, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, specialist nursing teams and  palliative care, via the inpatient and outpatient setting.

Cancer services provide care for patients who have a diagnosis of cancer and require chemotherapy; radiotherapy and supportive care. Chemotherapy in most cases is delivered on site at Mid Essex Hospitals Trust and radiotherapy will be delivered either at Colchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust or Southend University Hospital Foundation Trust.

You will have a named consultant in charge of your care and a clinical nurse specialist who will be your "key worker" throughout your pathway of care.

The Macmillan Info pod open Monday to Friday will provide you with a comprehensive range of materials to help support you through you cancer pathway of care.

The cancer waiting times team are a key part of the directorate and they are responsible for ensuring patients with suspected cancer or with a confirmed cancer diagnosis are managed within the national cancer waiting times.

The service is managed by the cancer management team which includes:

Clinical Director
Head of Nursing
Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse
Clinical Lead

The Team

Chemotherapy team

The chemotherapy service is located on level 2 room A206. The unit is open Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00 hrs and is led by the Macmillan Oncology CNS. If you require chemotherapy as part of your cancer treatment your consultant will refer you to the chemotherapy team. 

They will contact you by phone to book you into a pre-assessment appointment. At the pre-assessment appointment you will be encouraged to bring a family member or friend as you will be given lots of information regarding your diagnosis; treatment plan; emergency contact details; potential side effects and how to manage them. You will also be shown around the unit; introduced to the team and given your first treatment date. 

Chemotherapy Day unit contact details: 01245 514682 (Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 hrs)

Chemotherapy Unit

The cancer CNS’s generally work:
Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 hrs

Breast cancer CNS - 01245 513551

Colo-rectal cancer CNS  - 01245 514465
Cancer of unknown primary (CUP) CNS – 01245 514503 * please note this is a part time post
Gynaecological cancer CNS  - 01245 513044
Haematological cancers CNS  - 01245 516618 
Head & Neck, Thyroid cancer CNS  - 01245 516300
Lung cancer CNS - 01245 516244
Neuro-oncology CNS - 07919 304 034
Skin cancer CNS - 01245 516917
Upper GI & HPB cancers CNS - 01245 515010
Urological Cancer CNS - 01245 514499

If you have not been allocated or you do not know who your CNS is please discuss this with the consultant in charge of your care or contact the Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse for advice - 01245 514575 (Monday - Friday 09:00-17:00 hrs)

Macmillan Information Service - Info-Pod

The Macmillan information service is a joint venture with Farleigh Hospice and is located in the Info-pod in the main hospital atrium.

It is open Monday – Friday 09:00-16:00 and is managed by the Macmillan Information manager and supported by trained volunteers.

The service is open for all people who have been affected by cancer or a life limiting condition and who may require advice and support on their condition, treatment, supportive care, benefits, psychological support and spiritual care.

01245 515981 (Mon-Fri Macmillan information service Info-Pod contact details: 09:00-16:00)

Macmillan Palliative Care team

This is a 6 day service from 08:00-18:00 hrs (Monday – Saturday). We are based on the 5th floor of the hospital but are usually to be found on the wards supporting patients and carers who have a life limiting condition.

The team work closely with the Farleigh Hospice team including the community team; inpatient unit and bereavement service, and meet on a weekly basis to discuss shared patients.

The team consists of 5 Palliative care CNS’s; a team secretary, a Facilitator for End of Life Care and 4 consultants.

Macmillan Palliative Care team contact details: 01245 514503

Further information you may find these websites useful:  

Oncology medical team

The team consists of 5 oncology consultants who specialise in the non surgical treatment of cancer; this may include chemotherapy or radiotherapy-sometimes a combination of both. The consultants are supported by 4 middle grade doctors and 3 junior doctors. The consultants work across 2 sites as radiotherapy services are delivered at Colchester Hospitals University Foundation Trust.

Oncology team contact details:  01245 515296 (Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00 hrs)

Cancer waiting times team

This team consists of a cancer waiting times manager and cancer pathway coordinators for all the different cancers. The team play a vital role in ensuring that patients referred into the Trust with a suspected cancer or patients with a known cancer diagnosis are seen and treated within the National Cancer waiting times targets. 

The cancer waiting times manager is available Monday-Friday 08:00 - 16:00 hrs and can be contacted on 01245 514174.

Macmillan Information Service - Info-Pod

The Macmillan information service is a joint venture with Farleigh Hospice and is located in the Info-pod in the main hospital atrium.

It is open Monday – Friday 09:00-16:00 and is managed by the Macmillan Information manager and supported by trained volunteers.

The service is open for all people who have been affected by cancer or a life limiting condition and who may require advice and support on their condition, treatment, supportive care, benefits, psychological support and spiritual care.

Macmillan information service Info-Pod contact details: 01245 515981 (Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00)

Oncology Research Team

The oncology research nurses are based in the Helen Rollason Research centre which is a dedicated research centre for all patients taking part in a clinical trial. The staff are trained in giving non licensed clinical trial agents and are also chemotherapy competent. Trials are an everyday part of the work done in the NHS. Broomfield Hospital is part of a research active Trust therefore you may well be asked to take part in a clinical trial. People currently being cared for in the NHS have received the benefit from past research and continue to benefit from research that is currently being carried out. As our patient, we hold information about you and your treatment for clinical and research purposes. Taking part in a clinical trial will not affect your clinical/medical management.

Contact details Research and Development Department on  01245 515136 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 hrs) Lead Research Nurse / Co-Director of R&Dmp;D  01245516599 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 hrs)

Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists

After being diagnosed with cancer you will be allocated a cancer clinical nurse specialist (CNS) who may be referred to as your key worker. The CNS will give you his/her contact details and will remain in regular contact with you during your pathway of care.

If you have not been allocated or you do not know who your CNS is please discuss this with the consultant in charge of your care; alternatively you can contact the Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse for advice.

Contact details for all the cancer CNS’s at MEHT are in the right hand column.

Spiritual Care

If you require support and care to meet your spiritual needs please ask to be referred to the chaplaincy team during your in patient stay or visit the MEHT Faith centre located on the second floor A209 at any time. The on call Chaplain can be contacted via the Hospital switchboard.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Service

The service is available for all oncology patients and their family/carers. The team is able to offer emotional and psychological support at any stage of your care pathway. Your CNS or consultant may refer you to the team. However if they haven’t suggested this and you feel it would be useful please ask for a referral.

Mid Essex Cancer services user group

The Trust also supports and actively encourages patient and carer involvement in the delivery and development of cancer services. You can find information on the Mid Essex Cancer Services User Group on how you can become involved and influence the delivery of services

Contact via web page: 

Useful links

If you require information on your cancer; its treatment or supportive care, please visit the Macmillan Info pod in the main Atrium or you may find the following web sites useful

Treatment Options
NHS England - Cancer Information
East of England Cancer Alliance Website

Local support services include:

Please note we cannot be held responsible for the content of these web sites.

Southend Hospital - Cancer Services

Essex urology specialist cancer centre

Cancer services across the UK have been redesigned to ensure that patients receive expert care from experienced health professionals.

This sometimes means that not all your treatment can be carried out at your local hospital. It is sometimes necessary to send patients to a designated cancer centre to be reviewed by expert teams who specialise in the management of urological cancers. Southend Hospital is a designated specialist centre. Although you will have to be seen at the cancer centre we can assure you that we all work very closely together ensuring streamlined treatment and follow-up.

If you have any querys about your surgery at Southend University Hospital, please contact the patient coordinator 

Our Urology Ward - Southbourne Ward
Southbourne ward is situated on the fourth floor of the Tower block in the main hospital.

Nurses station tel: 01702 385078.

Visiting times: 7.00am to 9.00pm

The ward asks that you do not have more than two visitors at a time, although exceptions can be made at the discretion of the nurse in charge, providing this is not detrimental to your care or others nearby.

Pre-assessment clinic

If you are going to have surgery at the cancer centre then you will need to attend a pre-assessment clinic prior to your surgery. It may be possible for you to attend a pre-admission clinic at your local hospital, but  some patients will need to be seen at Southend.

The nurse and doctor will discuss with you your general health and will arrange for you to have some blood tests, a heart tracing (ECG) and possibly other tests. They will also discuss with you the operation you are planning to have, the benefits, side-effects and potential risks. They may ask you to sign a consent form which shows you agree and understand the surgery you are having.

Macmillan Information and Support Centre

The Macmillan Information & Support Centre is based on the ground floor of the Tower Block at Southend University NHS Hospital. We offer support to anybody affected by cancer from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. You may have cancer yourself, care for a friend or relative, work as a health care professional or simply want to know more about cancer.

Come and see us between 09:00 - 16:00
or call us on 01702 385101
or email us on

Here at the centre, we can provide 

A quiet and relaxed space for you to come and sit.
Literature on all aspects of living with cancer, in a variety of formats.
Opportunity to discuss cancer treatments, side-effects and other related issues.
Support and the opportunity to talk to someone confidentially in a private, comfortable quiet room.
Access to counselling and referral to other support services.
Referral to welfare and benefits advice services
Wellbeing programme to help you better manage your condition and the impact it has on your life
Information can also be provided over the telephone or via email.