Anchor partners at Southend

Anchor programme a better start southend logo graphicA Better Start Southend ABSS

A Better Start Southend, supports local parents and carers of children under four years of age and expectant  parents into work, volunteering and education across six wards of Southend: Shoeburyness, West Shoebury, Milton, Kursaal, Victoria and Westborough. Five free events are run each month to inspire and provide new skills to attendees. For our Anchor Programme, there are routes into NHS work, and other course and events aimed at assisting participants move toward work, have been expanded to enable those living in the Better Start Southend area to take part whether or not they have children under four.

You can find out more information here

Anchor programme handshake graphic Generation Medics

At Generations Medics they believe that there are talented individuals who can become great doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals if they have access to unbiased up-to-date information advice, support and networks. They are a dedicated, diverse full-time team of professionals and volunteers who devote their time to a single purpose: to empower people to fulfil their potential by making medical and healthcare careers accessible to everyone.

You can find out more about what Generation Medics do in Essex here and you can sign up for their Southend programme here.


Anchor programme halo logo graphicHalo provides fully-funded online training to eligible people who are unemployed and looking for an exciting and fulfilling career in health and social care. The four-six week employment and skills programme, delivered by Southend Council, is designed in collaboration with employers, including us. It helps give trainees the skills they are looking for and prepare them for a career as a healthcare professional. There are many roles available in healthcare. They offer long-term employment prospects, job security and opportunities for progression – including the potential to go on and complete an NHS-accredited degree.

Our NHS staff will be on-hand to promote all current care roles, including apprenticeships, and will advise how you can progress. Candidates get advice on how to apply for these roles and tips on completing their application form and interview. There will be an opportunity to speak to our NHS healthcare assistants and support workers, as well as having a fantastic ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at us as a key employer.

You can find out if you're eligible here


Anchor programme pave logo graphicIf you’re from Southend, unemployed, over 25 and are looking to learn new skills, why not explore a career in the NHS.

The Pave programme will give you hands-on employment training, take you through mock interviews and provide specific advice as to how to access to the wide range of non-clinical careers in healthcare, such as Portering and Logistics. They'll even set you up with a real interview with local organisations, where possible.

This is a six -week online course, where candidates train every day and in week five three they receive support from NHS speakers who help them to take the first steps in applying for non-clinical roles.

You can find out more here

Anchor programme south essex community hub logo graphicSouth Essex Community Hub (SECH)

South Essex Community Hub (SECH) aims to empower all members of their local community to realise their full potential. They provide a wide variety of services, including; digital support service and access to computers, so local people are not digitally excluded; free face-to-face and telephone counselling for people who need help with mental health or emotional wellbeing; volunteering opportunities to learn new skills and build confidence; plus, the opportunity to meet new people and make a real difference to their local community in Southend. Using their services, individuals can find out and access all of the opportunities that are available via the Southend Anchor Programme. 

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The programme is now expanding across the whole of our Trust in coming months. It is through established partnerships like these that we can continue to seek new ways to improve the wellbeing of our staff and local communities. For more information about Anchor institutions, visit

To find out more information on the Mid and South Essex Anchor Programme, please email:

You can also download the Charter, here Charter Anchor Institutions.pdf